• No Lithium Batteries

  • No Dangerous Goods

  • No Hazardous Waste

  • Easy Shipping

  • High Temperature

  • High Accuracy

  • High Reliability

  • Rechargeable

  • Ultralow Energy

  • Reduced Risk

  • Reduced Costs

  • No redress inductive charge and data

ULTRAGAUGE is a revolutionary new pressure and temperature memory gauge designed to utilize the latest developments in high temperature ULTRA capacitors and low energy microcontrollers. Coupled to a well proven downhole sensor, the gauge can operate over the duration of the vast majority of memory gauge wireline interventions and removes the need for dangerous Lithium chemistry batteries.

Most commercially available memory gauges use high temperature lithium thionyl chloride primary (non-rechargeable) batteries which come with a number of well understood problems, not least of which is cost. Batteries are typically replaced on every run leading to wasteful and expensive tool redressing. Lithium was the only battery technology suitable for powering downhole equipment, until now.

Ultracapacitors based on carbon nanotube technology are a tested and commercially viable alternative to Lithium based chemistries. They are suitable for deployments over relatively short durations of a few days to a week. Energy harvesting options are also available to extend tool life.

Coupled to a robust surface interface unit facilitating rapid recharge and a powerful windows user interface, the Gauge is charged and data downloaded without the need to replace batteries. As an additional option, a wireless charging station will soon be available that will completely remove the need to open the gauge between deployments.